Rutherford Academy – an industry-leading programme that helps to attract, develop and retain the best-in-class talent at Rutherford Health.

Our commitment to the continued training of our staff, existing and new, supports our vision to grow the skills pipeline and build on our reputation as a leading education centre in cancer therapy.

Supporting the value-driven aims of Rutherford Health, the Rutherford Academy is a platform that promotes the knowledge exchange of our partners, networks, staff and wider Rutherford community to support advancements in all areas of cancer care.

From training staff across clinical areas such as radiotherapy and oncology to courses in leadership and management, Rutherford Academy offers a variety of accredited and non-accredited opportunities.

This integrated approach to education and training ensures that Rutherford Health fosters a knowledgeable, empowered and skilled workforce which is reflected in the world-leading quality of care that we give to our patients.

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