09 December 2020

Rutherford Health plc

Rutherford Health announces pioneering membership plan with direct access to its facilities

Rutherford Health plc (the "Company" or "Group" or "Rutherford"), which operates a network of advanced cancer centres in the UK, has today announced the public launch of Rutherford Direct, a pioneering new membership scheme that offers access to advanced cancer treatment and care.

Rutherford Direct is available to businesses, families and individuals and is the first healthcare plan in the UK to focus exclusively on comprehensive cancer cover.

Rutherford Direct offers customised membership plans which ensure that those diagnosed with cancer are covered for the cost of treatment across a wide range of conditions and for treatment and care through various independent healthcare providers.

Rutherford Direct has been announced by Rutherford Health, which operates a network of advanced cancer centres in the UK.

Members will have access to Rutherford Health's network of cancer facilities and treatments including high energy proton beam therapy.

Rutherford Direct offers a simple two-tier membership - for individuals and businesses - and has started accepting individual and corporate members. Both membership plans will include a comprehensive cancer pathway, post-treatment medical costs, daily cash allowance, cancer support services and travel and accommodation, all within an affordable monthly cover plan.

Membership plans start at £29 per month. The primary goal for Rutherford Direct is to provide members with assurance that they will receive the treatment they need at the appropriate time. Having access to a network of high-quality treatment options is crucial to providing that sense of assurance and confidence for patients.

Mike Moran, CEO of Rutherford Health, stated: "We are very pleased to be launching this unique membership plan which, most importantly, offers greater choice to people who may find themselves diagnosed with cancer.

"One in two people will get cancer in the UK and over 340 working-age individuals are diagnosed with cancer every day. It's vital we continue to develop greater options for patients who often have to wait too long for treatment and to offer a healthcare plan that gives them reassurance and certainty that they will be taken care of as they deal with their illness."