09 August 2021

Rutherford Health plc

Partnership with OncoDNA to provide Rutherford patients with genomic testing

Rutherford Health plc (AQSE: RUTH, the "Group"), a healthcare group committed to providing innovative cancer care of the highest quality, announces a partnership with OncoDNA, a genomic and theranostic company specialising in precision medicine for the treatment of cancer and genetic diseases. The partnership will provide Rutherford cancer patients with access to the latest genomic testing and support the accessibility and development of these tests within the UK.

Comprehensive genomic tests help oncologists and cancer patients identify the most effective therapy for them, as well as monitor disease progression and therapeutic response. The collaboration, named OncoDNA@theRutherford, combines OncoDNA's expertise in precision oncology and cutting-edge biomarker tests on both solid and liquid biopsies with Rutherford Health's UK network of advanced centres and team of leading oncologists.

This partnership will allow cancer patients who are eligible to access a more tailored approach to their cancer treatment, supporting better clinical outcomes.

Mike Moran, CEO of Rutherford Health Plc, said:

"This partnership with OncoDNA will be key in bringing a personalised approach to our patient's treatments. Doctors will now be able to offer treatments that are best suited to the genetic and genomic characteristics of the patient's tumour.

"Rutherford Health is at the forefront of research and scientific advances in oncology and we play a major role in expanding access to the most advanced cancer treatments, enabling 'precision medicine' in the UK. This partnership will also help Rutherford's extensive network of oncologists build their understanding of the latest genomic technology within the clinical setting, building confidence and an evidence base for continued use."

Bernard Courtieu, CEO of OncoDNA, commented:

"We are delighted to be partnering with Rutherford Health and in doing have designed a 'Framework for Genomics' that will influence and shape standards for biomarker testing across the UK private health system.  We plan to work with various stakeholders so that together we can broker improved access to biomarker testing and deliver the promise of precision medicine for cancer patients."

OncoDNA and Rutherford Health are committed to improving access to personalised oncology for as many patients as possible and have already secured reimbursement agreements from BUPA and other leading UK health insurers for easy access to these biomarker tests.

Rutherford Health's independent network currently consists of four cancer treatment centres in Newport, Reading, Bedlington and Liverpool and will draw patients from all over the UK, offering them consistent access to the latest tests to guide their treatment.

In addition to providing high energy proton beam therapy and conventional therapies such as chemotherapy, immunotherapy and radiotherapy, each Rutherford Cancer Centre also has state-of-the-art diagnostics including MRI and CT. The utilisation of OncoDNA's precision tests in these facilities will ensure that patients receive the highest possible standard of care.