Rutherford Cancer Centre awarded Macmillan Quality Environment Mark

Rutherford Cancer Centre awarded Macmillan Quality Environment Mark for patient care

The Rutherford Cancer Centre South Wales has been awarded the Macmillan Quality Environment Mark (MQEM) by the cancer charity Macmillan for its excellence in patient care and support services.

The MQEM is a detailed quality framework used for assessing whether cancer care environments meet the standards required by people living with cancer and focuses on four key domains; design and use of space, the user’s journey, service experience, and the user’s voice. The Rutherford Cancer Centre South Wales achieved an overall score of five (excellent) in the MQEM assessment – the highest score.

A plaque was formally presented by Macmillan representatives Kate Williams, Partnership Manager SE Wales, and Ginny Brink, Partnership Quality Lead SE Wales, at the Rutherford Cancer Centre South Wales in Newport this afternoon. Joan Sweeney, Macmillan head of patient support services at the Rutherford Cancer Centre South Wales said: “This is a fantastic milestone and we are delighted with this achievement. Getting the MQEM award means that the Rutherford Cancer Centre’s state-of-the-art facility is now recognised as being fully aligned with Macmillan’s globally recognised standards.”

Kate Williams, partnership manager for Macmillan, said: “The MQEM is all about recognising that the best form of cancer care starts when we treat people as people, not simply as patients. Through these awards we celebrate cancer care facilities that are welcoming, respectful, supportive of people’s wider wellbeing, and which offer control to people with cancer by listening to what they need.”

“We are hugely pleased to be able to recognise the Rutherford Cancer Centre in Newport, and the huge efforts their staff have made in achieving the rigorous standards set by these awards.”

Mike Moran, CEO of Rutherford Health Plc which oversees the network of Rutherford Cancer Centres in the UK, said: “We are delighted to be awarded the Macmillan Quality Environment Mark. Our patients regularly express their gratitude to us for the care we provide and this award demonstrates the exceptional level of care and support we offer our patients through what can be a life-altering experience. By continuing to work with Macmillan, we aim to maintain our high standards of excellence when it comes to patient care and support services.”