Quality of service remains central to the successful delivery of cancer care

Quality of service remains central to the successful delivery of cancer care

The past few months presented unprecedented challenges to our healthcare system. The COVID-19 pandemic resulted in vast sections of our healthcare service operating at significantly reduced capacity. Nowhere has this impact been more starkly felt than in cancer care. Delays and reductions in capacity and service will have knock-on effects for patient outcomes for years to come and the backlog created will take a monumental effort to overcome.  

As we exit the pandemic and begin to face up to the collateral damage that has been wrought, specifically the backlogs in the entire health system, it is now more important than ever to emphasise quality of service in cancer care delivery.

Ensuring that cancer sufferers receive the best patient experience is pivotal for us to have any chance of overcoming the cancer backlog. Quality of service and a world-class patient experience means ensuring patients receive the treatments they need in a timely manner, that they are given post-treatment care and above all, to ensure that scans, tests and diagnoses are done promptly and efficiently in the first place.

The key to delivering a quality service to cancer patients lies in prompt diagnosis and putting patients on the oncology pathways that best serves their clinical interests, whether that is surgery or chemotherapy or more advanced treatments such as precision radiotherapy (including high energy proton beam therapy).

Rutherford Health has always recognised that a world-class quality of service tailored to the needs of individual patients is key to improving patient outcomes and creating a holistic patient experience. Our three Rutherford centres pride themselves on quality of service which our patients can attest to. We are ready to launch a new centre in Liverpool in the coming weeks which will bring advanced cancer treatments and the latest diagnostic services to the North West.

One of the distinguishing features of the Rutherford Cancer Centre network is that each of our networked centres also boast the latest and most advanced diagnostic and screening services, making our centres particularly important in the post-COVID world of cancer care. We are very well placed to lead the charge against the cancer crisis that now grips the UK and the expansion of our network will have a positive effect on UK cancer care as a whole.

By Mike Moran, chief executive officer, Rutherford Health.