Late stage cancers increase as Covid fall-out bites


November 3rd 2020: The impact of delays in cancer diagnostic services caused by the COVID-19 pandemic are emerging now with an increase in patients seeking treatment for later-stage conditions.

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We must act urgently to deal with breast cancer crisis in Britain


October 26th 2020: As Covid-19 restrictions continue to be expanded throughout the UK, there is much anxiety on what this will mean for cancer care services and whether we will see the kind of reduction in services we saw in April. Whilst the rise in Covid-19 cases clearly needs to be tackled by the government, it is vital that we do not allow new restrictions to undermine cancer care services once more.

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Growing cancer waiting times requires urgent effort as we face second wave


September 29th 2020: The backlog of cancer cases risks growing further as a second wave bites and requires urgent action to bring it under control, according to one of the UK’s top cancer experts. 

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New diagnostics centre passes planning milestone


September 28th 2020: Rutherford Health Plc has announced that its subsidiary, Rutherford Diagnostics, has received conditional planning permission to construct a new diagnostics facility in Taunton, Somerset.

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We must not allow the second wave to get the better of us


September 28th 2020: The government has just announced a series of new measures aimed at controlling the spread of Covid-19 after a continuous rise in cases over the past few weeks. Whilst new measures are indeed necessary as we enter a difficult winter season, we must not allow a second wave to undo the progress we have made in restarting cancer services in the last few months.

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Welsh Minister visits proton beam therapy centre in Newport


September 17th 2020: UK Government in Wales Minister and MP for Monmouth, David TC Davies, visited the Rutherford Cancer Centre South Wales in Newport today to show support and highlight the contribution independent cancer centres can make in light of the Covid-19 pandemic. 

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We must keep our focus firmly on restarting cancer care


August 10th 2020: The past month has seen a rise in the number of Covid-19 cases in many parts of the UK. Parts of the North and North West of England have been put back into lockdown and 14-day quarantines for people returning from international travel have been brought back after outbreaks in many European countries. Whilst it certainly appears that there are clusters where the virus is slightly increasing, we must put this into proper perspective and resist the urge to bring about another lockdown.

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Rutherford Health to start treating patients at its new centre in Liverpool


July 30th 2020: Rutherford Health plc has announced that it has commenced treating patients at the new Rutherford Cancer Centre North West, in Liverpool. The centre has been approved by the Care Quality Commission to initially offer patients Systemic Anti-Cancer Therapy (SACT) services which includes chemotherapy, immunotherapy, targeted therapies symptom control, blood tests, oncology nurse consultation and supportive therapies. The centre will also offer MRI diagnostic services. 

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Quality of service remains central to the successful delivery of cancer care


July 28th 2020: The past few months presented unprecedented challenges to our healthcare system. The COVID-19 pandemic resulted in vast sections of our healthcare service operating at significantly reduced capacity. Nowhere has this impact been more starkly felt than in cancer care. Delays and reductions in capacity and service will have knock-on effects for patient outcomes for years to come and the backlog created will take a monumental effort to overcome.  

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Leaders: Listen to the patients – the voice in the choice


July 10th 2020: The harrowing stories from cancer patients featured on BBC’s Panorama’s ‘Britain’s Cancer Crisis’ conveyed eloquently the most powerful of messages to the country’s leaders. We have a cancer crisis – do something about it. There is, of course, recognition from politicians, civil servants and senior figures in healthcare that the COVID-19 pandemic had an impact on cancer services.

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